Katherine Valqui 29 November 2022 / 2 minutes read

LinkedIn REF Member description

Option A: 

REF is a Global Community composed exclusively of Business Leaders who believe there´s always a next level.

With this in mind, REF seeks to accelerate the personal, professional, and business evolution of its Members and help them become a force for good in the world.

Through carefully constructed peer advisory boards, Members gain access to a group of leaders whose insights they can trust will help them make better strategic decisions.

More information at: www.ref-global.com


Option B: 

At REF our goal is to accelerate the personal, professional and business evolution of our Members and help them become a force for good in the world.

We are composed exclusively of Business Leaders and Experts who are invited to join Forum Groups of 12–15 non-competing Members.

The Forum Group acts as a high-caliber Peer Advisory Board. It is a Circle of Trust that meets monthly in an environment of confidentiality with a clear objective: to propel the Group’s Collective Intelligence so that each member can make better strategic decisions and reach their next business, professional and personal level.

But REF membership extends beyond the Forum Group, connecting Members to a global Community of thousands of other Business Leaders with whom we can share best practices and access opportunities in other markets.

More information at: www.ref-global.com


Katherine Valqui Head of Marketing REF