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Program exclusively for CEOs, Presidents, Founders, Business Owners and General Managers.
15 proven business leaders, non-competing, with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and trajectories. For CEOs, Owners and Presidents.
  • Making better decisions: They bring their biggest professional or personal challenges to the table to receive direct, constructive and practical feedback from their peer group
  • Alliviating the lonliness.
  • Living an extrodinary life with holistic purpose and intention
  • Leading a community of impact
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  • CEO, Owner, President
  • Highly experienced, highest levels of leadership
  • Highly Diverse Industries
Qualifying company criteria
North America
  • SMB: 5-30M US$ in revenue
  • Corporate: 30-300M US$ in revenue
  • Large Corporations: >300M US$ in revenue
Rest of World
  • SMB: 3-20M US$ in revenue
  • Corporate: 20-100M US$ in revenue
  • Large Corporations: >100M US$ in revenue
Forum frequency
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Our vision - Delivering our promise

FORUM Peer Advisory Board Circle of Trust
Monthly Led by a Forum Leader Up to 15 non-competing peers
Expert Insights
A space where global experts in relevant topics across personal, professional and business growth share their knowledge with our Community in order to stay current and continue our evolution journey.
Development Programs
Dedicated to our Community’s personal and professional growth, we offer exclusive access to a vast range of courses and programs in order to reach our next level.
Resource Center
Leaders must stay relevant while navigating an infinite amount of information available. We select and curate relevant content daily into our online repository dedicated to personal, professional and business evolution. Everything you need in one place, exclusive for our members. Access to our expertly curated insights following our Linkedin Page and subscribing to our Monthly Newsletter
Industry Talks
Tap into the Community’s collective intelligence in these special forums dedicated to connecting with members by industry. Gain and contribute with local and global exclusive insights of your industry.
Exclusive events gather business and opinion leaders at a local and global level to generate learning, experience, and exchange among our members.
Unique experiences
These exclusive retreats combine leisure with business and networking. From meditation in the Patagonia to exploring a new city, we value member bonding and the valuable exchange generated that cannot be replicated in any other way.

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