Join your peers for a Collective Intelligence Forum hosted by REF and Expense Reduction Analysts

Share, learn and connect: Cost Reduction & Value Insights

This session will be hosted by REF and ERA experts who will facilitate peer discussion, exploration, and discovery.
REF and ERA have formed a strategic alliance to expand the accessibility of Financial Executive Forums. Despite the emergence of peer organizations over recent decades, the financial executive pillar of leadership has been under-served with peer forum experiences. REF and ERA have joined forces and are dedicated to changing that with forums specifically for financial executives. “Financial Executive Forums”.

About REF:

Founded in the USA nearly 30 years ago, with presence in more than 20 countries and 60 cities, composed
exclusively of over 2,500 CEOs, Presidents, and Founders. We form ourselves into groups of 12-15 non-competing
Business Leaders who meet one morning a month. The meetings are confidential and are led by a Forum Leader.

REF functions as a hub for Business Leaders. The Community extends beyond the Group, as it connects you to over 2,500
Entrepreneurs, Members, Forum Leaders, Partners, Ambassadors, and Global Speakers with whom you can share best
practices, connect, and access opportunities in other markets.

About ERA:

For nearly 30 years with more than 750 consultants in 45 countries, Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) have
helped thousands of clients find extra cash flow and improve operational efficiency in more than 40 expense categories.
Our consultants provide specialized expertise, real-time industry benchmark data, and practical insider knowledge for
dozens of supplier industries. Our risk-free model means the cost of doing business with us comes from a portion of the
savings we find. If we do not find savings, there is no fee for our services.

We are running a series of these small group virtual sessions over the coming months, designed to
assure no competitors in the same session. Let us know your expression of interest and we will
coordinate with you to schedule one which is convenient for you. If you have never experienced a
peer forum before, this will give you a taste of the power of peers. We look forward to having you
with us.


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