Explore REF's 21 Insights for 2021 - Volume II

From McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan School of Management, Bain & Company, Forbes, and other world renowned sources, REF gathered the most relevant global trends and insights that will help us navigate the rest of the year, and the new normal, as more prepared leaders.
surveyed would forgo a $30,000 bonus to continue working remotely
tele-health could account for 30% of all healthcare visits in the future
of executives and managers say their staff faces skill gaps within the next five years.
$2 trillion
The US is currently negotiating investing $2 trillion in clean energy

Awareness and Alignment in Personal, Professional & Business Evolution.


Halfway into 2021, we have learned that adaptation, resilience, and conscious leadership are key towards a sustainable future. We have proven that together we can thrive in unprecedented complex environments.

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